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May 12, 2005 • 9:11 am | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine & SEO Theory

We almost have a total of 5,000 rated searches at RustySearch, when we hit the 5k mark, I will publish revised stats, including new types of reports. But I really want to get a wider and more representative sampling. I know larger news sites are reading this, please help out this small search engine industry, by driving people to RustySearch: The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge.

The four major search engines have went beyond the call of duty to help us gather this data. I promise to provide detailed raw data to the public, but I will be excluding IP addresses to protect user privacy. However, I will be converting the IP address into a unique number, so you can use that unique number to see the number of unique searchers.

If you have more ideas on how to get the word out and do not want to leave a comment here, please contact me directly at barry AT rustybrick DOT com.

Sample of Text Ads:

Try The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge, by making RustySearch your default search engine for two weeks.

Which Search Engine is the Most Relevant? You Decide at The Search Engine Relevancy Challenge.

Sample of Banner Ads:

rustysearch232x29.gif rustysearch468x60.gif rustysearch150x150.gif

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05/12/2005 01:24 pm

Barry write something up or create a few banners or text ads that people/readers could use it temporarely on their sites if they wish to help out. I personally have not problems with that and will announce in prive forums I am member of. I know we're not large news siets, but still word gets around ;)

Barry Schwartz

05/12/2005 01:40 pm

I appreciate that Max. I'll work up some text ads, and possibly some banner ads (but they seem to be more commercial). I am also hoping that some news people can write an article on it, or it to get slashdotted. :)


05/12/2005 01:57 pm

I didn't mean it to sound commercial, just didn't find the right word for it :) I see your point with the articles. You probably can submit a pressrelease to PRWeb and people also can post it in their blogs for you. Small paragraph would be easy to put on any site to support your project that's why I called it ad - small to be able to be placed in visible places :)

Barry Schwartz

05/12/2005 02:19 pm

Yup, Press Releases went out, see

Razvan Antonescu

05/12/2005 06:29 pm

Put up the press release on my blog and on my 360 :) Hope it helps

Barry Schwartz

05/12/2005 07:00 pm

Lots of good responses so far, thanks for all your help.

Barry Schwartz

05/12/2005 07:29 pm

Thanks Dan, "What would be really interesting would be to see the score of the competing search engines for different search term lengths." I will be providing all the raw data for you guys, so you can do whatever you want with it. Thanks for your support. And once I hear from Pepsi or Coke, I will remove those trademarks. :)

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