Guess That Google Search!

Apr 25, 2005 • 12:08 pm | comments (5) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google Search Engine

This is fun, and actually kind of challenging. The basic premise of the game is to guess what search phrase was used to find the 20 different partial images displayed in the box. I had to guess such searches like "noise, green, energy, purple". Check it out: Guess The Google


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04/25/2005 04:51 pm

That was fun! I did pretty well, I think. Final score was 341.

Nacho Hernandez

04/25/2005 05:45 pm

Thank you Ben! This was a lot of fun. I can see myself playing this any time I want to get away for 5-10 mins. Here is a trackback to more discussion: Saludos!

Ben Pfeiffer

04/25/2005 06:26 pm

Thanks guys. This is one of the better games I have seen lately. Its not a boring clone spoof, and it actually makes you think. Plus the interface and way its designed is excellent.


05/16/2005 07:31 pm

I thought this game was wonderful, I spent over an hour playing! My top score was 394! I made second place! Cool Beans!

guess the googler

09/13/2006 08:03 am

Its a great game. I have been one of the top scorers. The drawback of this game is that it keeps repeating a predefined set of images everyday. So if you play it many times, you know all of them and them it just depends on your typing skills. It would be wonderful if the images are updated regularly or even better retrieved dynamically

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