For Those Who Crank Out Websites...Less Is More or More is Better?

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So is it better to have a 1000 sites with 5 pages that make $1/day or 5 sites with 1000 pages that make $1/day? Interesting question, and members at WMW are voicing their opinion on what works best for them. Most of you have probably seen those sites that people tend to "crank out" by the hundreds. They are useless but they take in some profit even if its small. The user mwack on WMW is guestioning the usefulness of this method and why it might be good or bad to do so. He is wanting more specifically how people promote these particular sites? For a smaller network of sites, it may take longer for someone to get it up to the level of profit or traffic that a large amount of sites might get. But is it worth it to spend 100 hours to make a money only 2 years later?

One of the member suggests that its kinda like putting an investment in the future of a website. He suggests to outsource a lot of the work, and have some write the content and do the links. Another user says she has found the answer that works for her, and in my own experience setting something like this up is an excellent time tested way to do it:

I have found the key is to have a cornerstone site, then a group of sattelite sites. The cornerstone drives traffic to the smaller sites. So, the question is really, how much money do you want to make today, tomorrow, next month, next year, and the next decade? If your goals are weak, a weak income will result.

Long term, the main reason I have done this is not for short term profits, but for long term stability. All industries on the web have high and low periods. Some are daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, even year to year. By using diversity in our network, I can spread my eggs into more baskets, both in traffic, and income providers. One site is hot today, another tomorrow. One is hot in spring, another in winter. One is fabulous in a recession, another only in an economic upturn.

Great post by janethuggard! If anything its worth checking out her insightful answers. There is more comments on this and some questions raised about interlinking within networks like this. In regards to interlinking, I can say that there is a secret sauce or method to this to ensure long term survival of all sites involved. This thread gives clues to it. But I'm giving it up my methods just yet. ;-)

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