Top PPC Names Say No to Google AdWords Professionals

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Remember all the hype about the Google AdWords Professionals program when it was first launched? When members first got their pro logos they were delighted. This morning, Mikkel deMib Scendsen posts a story of a strong reason not to join the program.

He said one of his "good colleagues and close friends" who has been accepted to the Google AdWords Program and was also delighted to place the logo on their site was "shocked" by what happened next.

Some days ago he signed a new very large corporate client, so he contacted his partner rep at Google to set it up but was basically told: “No, that client we want! It is too big for you and we don’t think you can handle it.” Natural to say, he was shocked! How can they say he cannot handle the account after he just passed the test? (Not to talk about the fact that he, like many SEMs I know of, optimize AdWords campaigns much better than any Google editor will ever learn!)

Furthermore the rep made it very clear that Google consider his client to be theirs – not his! So, Google think they know better than the client that chose the media agency and the media agency that picked my friend to manage the campaign. In fact, Google did not even ask the client in question about this. Google just knows better, right?. Or maybe, they are just greedy…?

Mikkel goes on to explain that he signs on large clients, but hasn't joined the program. He basically goes in and creates a new adwords account, no one gives him any trouble. So he asks "Why should a pass a test if it only makes Google more of an enemy to me instead of a partner?"

Let's not forget one of the PPC legends, who writes, "I'm just too busy to take the exam. I'll get to it. Taking it benefits me how? And proves what?"

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07/07/2007 01:47 pm

I am about 30 dollars managed short of being able to take my exam. I believe that I could have gotten more new clients if I had the "professional" backing. People are buying Google Adwords, so why would someone not want to be recognized as a "qualified professional". Doesn't make sense to me.


04/02/2008 07:09 am

I believe it's one of the greatest HR strategies that I have ever seen. Another was one by William Clement Stone, founder of Combined Insurance, which is now owned by AON. The guy even wrote a book with Napoleon Hill, 'the success system that never fails', or somthing like that; love the copy! But one thing is sure; evolution! and evolution in the business world is driven by the organic life form called share holders. Share holders are greedy. We'll all see what happens!

No Name

10/02/2009 05:22 am

Wow. That is insanity, although it doesn't completely shock me. But all I can say, is my "qualified status" has helped to grow my client base. It has never hurt me in any way, so I would say go ahead and get qualified b/c you are much more likely to be hurt by not having the status.

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