Free TwirlGlo Yo-Yos for Search Engine Roundtable Fans

Feb 27, 2005 • 12:24 pm | comments (7) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Blog Administration

Ben and I thought it would be fun to hand out these funky yo-yos that light up when you use them. The slogan of the Search Engine Roundtable, "The Pulse of the Search Engine Marketing Community", is imprinted on the yo-yos. Since the SEO world is filled with such ups and downs, we thought it would be clever to give out yo-yos. Then we added the glowing aspect to the yo-yo to make it "pulse" a bit.


I admit, its not as cool as having William Hung at a party, but we are not on the same level as Jeeves.

So if you see Ben or myself at the conference, please ask for one or two. After the conference, I will probably mail out a bunch to some dedicated readers. Any left over, might get some at the Toronto SES show.

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02/27/2005 06:38 pm

Nothing cooler than having your own glowing yo-yo. Heckuva lot better than giving out mugs. :)


02/27/2005 09:32 pm

Yo - that's Awesome! see you tomorrow.


02/28/2005 05:16 am

I think searchengineroundtable yo-yo is much cooler than W.Hung at a party.. I would love to have one ;)


08/18/2007 11:46 pm

sweet i wunt a yoyo


07/22/2008 07:41 pm

I wan't this yo yo so bad, i have one, but it's broken and old ;S

jack willard

08/06/2008 07:09 pm

this is sweet i would really like one of these i havent been yo yoin for a long time but this wuld be great to learn on

Nora curtin

09/07/2009 02:52 am

My grandson loves yo-yo's he has about 30 how can he get one of yours. we live in Alabama.

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