Yahoo! Toolbar Beta for Mozilla Firefox

Feb 10, 2005 • 10:36 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Yahoo Search Engine & Yahoo SEO

The toolbars keep coming, right now, my firefox browser has about a inch of web page realestate and the remaining 12 inches are allocated to toolbars (kidding).

Yahoo released a Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox. Danny and Gary both blogged about it at the Search Engine Watch Blog. Yahoo Blogged on it as well.

Forum chatter at WebmasterWorld.

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Open Your Eyes

02/10/2005 03:42 pm

WHAT? You clearly MISSED the fact that FireFox already has a toolbar dropdown for searching multiple search engines like Yahoo and Goole and integrates this very cleanly into the sidebar and other areas. WHy on earth does one need a Yahoo or Google Toolbar, its just wasted real estate!

Barry Schwartz

02/10/2005 04:13 pm

I use firefox, I use the built in Yahoo drop down provided. This entry is to say that Yahoo! has a toolbar for firefox. But I hear your comment. I have not installed that toolbar on my browser. I bet you haven't as well.

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