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Feb 9, 2005 • 8:54 am | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Web Promotion

Back at the WebmasterWorld Conference in Las Vegas, a guy by the name of Daron Babin (aka SEGuru) launched WebmasterRadio.FM at http://www.webmasterradio.fm/. Since then, to be honest, rarely listened to any live show. Last night, I caught the first 30 minutes of a little show they call "SEO RockStars with hosts: Todd (Oilman) Friesen and Jake (bakedjake) Baillie." Last night's topic was about this Google update, with a nice discussion about what Oilman and BakedJake have personally experienced with this update. They discussed it is important to differentiate your anchor text, I think they also mentioned more deep linking and they also brought up the topic of LSI / LSA. That was fun. Anyway, if you haven't its worth checking out a show, check the schedule at http://www.webmasterradio.fm/.

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02/09/2005 02:09 pm

They don't have archives of previous shows? They play music the rest of the time? I am somehow not understanding the "webmaster" part of this "radio station".

Barry Schwartz

02/09/2005 02:20 pm

Not sure if they have an archives section up yet. They plan on it. But they do rerun shows all the time. When the shows are not running, they play music.

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