Will Google's AdSense Accounts Payable Dept. Make It Easier on Oversea Publishers?

Dec 1, 2004 • 9:05 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

As you might imagine, there are many overseas or non US AdSense publishers. I personally am located in New York, so I do not understand the complications with accepting US payment outside of the US. But I do sometimes receive Canadian money and sometimes I need to do wire transfers to pay companies outside of the US, and that is somewhat of an inconvenience. There is a thread at DigitalPoint forums named New Payment System on the Way which tells of an automated email being sent back to those publishers that ask the question about receiving direct deposit or other forums of payment. Google tends to suggest, in those emails, that they hope to offer new payment options in the months ahead. However, there are those that say Google, when asked in person, say it will never come.

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01/07/2008 04:07 pm

And their payment system is atrocious! We rentals them a few items in Nov 07, and promptly billed them, as asked. In late Dec we called about our never-received payment, and they said, 'Since it did not have our P.O. number, your invoice was discarded'! We resubmitted it with P.O. number, and 3 weeks later, are still waiting. I'd suggest, anyone that wants to sell something to Google, either expect to wait for months to get paid--or just refuse to offer them products. It's amazing how such a large company won't even list their Acc'ts Payable telephone number!!!

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