Getting Indexed Through Google AdSense

Sep 24, 2004 • 9:58 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google AdSense

There is a new theory floating around, which I found by way of a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums. The theory is that you can get indexed quickly by placing AdSense ads on your pages. Here is a quote from the original poster "So now you can get into their "index" within 24 hours, free. Just add a little Adsense spider bait to your site."

I personally tested this out on a site. I put up a new site, made sure not to put any links to it. Then I put up AdSense ads and waited. Months later it was still not included in the Google index. Only recently has it been indexed, and I believe that is because someone, somewhere put a link to it. I strongly feel that this theory, although logical, is not correct.

In addition, Google has said that AdSense ads do not affect your listings in Google. They use a totally separate spider to index the site for its AdWords network and a different index. They are separate engines, separate indexes and do not improve or increase your chances of getting indexed in my opinion.

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Carl Hudson

03/29/2007 06:07 pm

This definately is not the case, as you mention there almost virtually seperate entities and rarely does something in one effect the other (directly). AdSense hasn't seen our site get indexed. I stil1 think that a certain number (or percentage) of quality (category compatible) inbound links are the key for google indexing. Then, and only then, do you get the privelidge of sitting in their sandbox for x months time :)

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