Finding Newly Registered Domain Names

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A thread at WebmasterWorld named Psychic Google? discusses Google's physic ability to locate newly registered domain names soon after they are registered. For example, if you buy a new domain name today, you might find the "coming soon" page in the index without you linking to it. I am of the belief that Google is finding it via a link from some page.

People are speculating that if you have the toolbar installed, Google can find new pages. I doubt they do that. And an other theory is the the domain name registrars are selling these names to Google. Come on!

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03/22/2007 04:29 am

I don't know if that's true. Most web hosting companies have started advertising on the parked domains or domains that have not yet been hosted. Perhaps a link to that domain is placed in one of their pages that search engines index. Google has "Adsense" or something like that for parked domains. Perhaps domain registrants are pinging google to encourage them to publish ad sense ? I don't have a clue on this one.


07/02/2007 02:28 am

I just registered a domain and I have no link to it anywhere, not using Google toolbar or anything the like. However, I can find it already using google. It seems there is no other way they could have found it unless they get a list of newly registered domains from the providers or they actually try random string values as domain names.

John R

07/29/2007 04:00 am

The answer is most likely DNS. All domain names are sent to DNS servers around the globe, at ISP's everywhere. All Google has to do is compare its current list to an updated list, and it then knows of new domains. Anyone with a DNS server can do this.


12/29/2007 05:05 am

building a a domian and do not know what to do from here...seeking assistance on what steps to take to find out what i do with the domani and how do i find order to get the websiet for my new business up and running?

No Name

05/30/2008 07:29 am

Google, Yahoo, Alexa and all the other SE's compare their SE index to what is already on the web... Then they run their "robots" to see if anything changed... That is how the SE';s find out new registered domains


04/11/2009 10:45 pm

With all do respect these bot can also look at the verisign data and determine which have been just registered. Look at The bots know by the data and if the whois information changes.

Payam Naderi

08/01/2013 04:43 am

In some way the answer is your browser (i guess), I working on a website, i have a page with no link anywhere then i browse this page with entering url address. after that i see on cpanel wihch the googleBot visit that page too.

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