List of Mostly Free PageRank Passing Directories to Submit To

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Looking to build links the easy way? Submit yourself to directories. That is normally the first step in ones link building campaign. Then comes the other more advanced methods. So to get you started, visit DigitalPoint Forums on the directories (mostly free) that you can submit to and SEO Guys Forum.

The list includes: (base page PR9) (base page PR9) (base page PR6, it uses frames, but it is SE friendly) (base page PR6) (base PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base page PR6) (base PR5) (base PR5) (base PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR5) (base page PR4) (base page PR4) (base page PR3)

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10/02/2005 01:41 am

Now offering free submissions 7 days a week! Dance Music Related sites only..

Ed Jones

02/05/2006 06:20 pm

we would like to post our link. free web directory thanks Ed


06/21/2006 05:41 pm

a few of the sites have either removed their submission systems / no longer valid sites ... for instance is no longer working

tony scott

07/13/2006 06:17 pm

How many people here will vote that Dmoz should be charging like yahoo.


08/20/2006 12:35 pm - PR5 SE friendly toplist


08/28/2006 08:35 am

Good list..thank you!


04/28/2009 04:46 pm

Yahoo should not be charging 300/month for a listing


12/07/2010 09:31 pm

Great list if you are looking for pr., But strong content is alot more helpful.;

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