SEO is Fake According to Google

Jul 13, 2004 • 4:34 pm | comments (2) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Search Engine Industry News

During my daily blog reading, I noticed Andy Beal posted on the topic of Google not recognizing SEOs. Andy reluctantly went to the AD:TECH conference where someone asked "Patrick Keane [Google Rep] about whether SEO companies can really help a company to get better positioning on Google and the search engines."

"Patrick basically replied that there is no way to improve your rankings on Google and that any claims by a SEO company were false."

BAMB! OUCH! Just like the Batman cartoon had when they socked it to the evil predators. Is the SEO industry evil? Are they looked at as the villain? I guess so.

But as Andy rightfully pointed out, isn't Google sponsoring the upcoming SES Conference? Go figure???

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12/22/2009 04:16 pm

It really can be the school of hard knocks working in the SEO industry, and learning that the most important thing for rankings is effective link-building. when links can be hard to acquire. Managing client expectations also is a crucial factor. A site with quality content, and good on-page SEO is the vital first step, but the links must also follow.


06/28/2011 06:02 pm

SEO is a threat for Google's business which is basically adsense, well they need to make their algorithms harder to deal with every time they make an update in order to left behind some SEO techniques.

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