Huge Bug in Google - Missing!

May 13, 2004 • 8:53 am | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Google News & Finances

There has been complaints during the past week of missing homepages from the Google index. It seems someone found the loophole and posted it at WebmasterWorld. Here is the story.

(1) Do a search on No results found! See picture, if for proof.

(2) Ok, how did someone remove's homepage? They went to this URL:, which looks to me in some Asian script (so I can understand it), here is a picture. New english version picture.

(3) Enter the URL in there, not sure where and click submit and presto:

2004-05-05 07:36:19 GMT : removal of complete

(4) Google then responds to you via automated email with the following short but sweet message:

********************** The following urls/messages have been removed: **********************

(5) and both have PR0!

microsoft-pagerank-0-s.jpg View Large Image

adobe-pagerank-0-s.jpg View Large Image

This amazes me, such a huge loophole!

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Anne Reiley

02/06/2005 02:37 am

How does one protect themselves from a competitor submitting in Google to have your site removed from the Google index? Even though Google cookies the ISP of those asking to have a site removed you can never get a live person to help you at Google and therefore the data is not available. Plese send me an email if you have any ideas because this is what happened to us and we have been resubmitting for 4 months to no avail. Thanks, Anne

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