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The post of the day, I know it is early still, is at WebmasterWorld.

Everyone knows how to add a suffix or use a thesaurus, but that is only the beginning. How do we find words that Google knows relate to our target term?

Currently, the tilde search operator is my weapon of choice. Let's see if Google sees any relationships for the ubiquitous widget. Notice that GUI is bolded in the SERPs. We now know Google sees a relationship between those two words. In theory, including GUI on your widgets page will increase your ranking for widget but not vice versa.

Too find all of the terms related to widget, we could simply browse the listings looking for bolded terms. But I'm too lazy for that, so I begin excluding words from my query, starting w/ my main term. Be sure to collect all your traditional stemmed words( widgeters, widgeting, etc) before excluding your main search term. Each new match is added to my exclusions until no results are found. You end up w/ a nice list of related words that can be copied out of the search box.

One downside to this strategy is the chance of missing out on potential matches that only appear on pages you've excluded from your search. However, the time savings is worth it when working with thousands of pages.

Give it a go with a less generic term, and you'll begin to see how much more natural "keyword stuffing" can look now. Anybody else working on a personal Google thesaurus?

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07/13/2007 11:06 am

what deos alias mean


09/30/2007 12:52 am

im a cool kid that likes naruto and is a grate student has a big ego and loves his girlfriend


12/04/2007 09:45 pm

What's another word for do


12/11/2007 09:16 pm

I'm a cooler kid that likes naruto more & has a bigger ego loves his girlfriend more!!!!!!!!!!!


12/12/2007 06:27 pm

what is another word for intellectual


02/13/2008 03:40 pm

What is another word for inbetween, list ten


05/15/2008 03:30 pm

My company name is AdPro and we focus on promotions, apparel, and printing services. We are going to run a limo service and need to come up with a good name for the limo service. Any good ideas?


11/24/2009 09:47 am

What is the word for the liquid found in oysters that give its essence?


11/25/2009 10:25 pm

Im a even cooler kid who hates naruto & has the biggest ego loves his girlfriend the most!!!!!!!


11/25/2009 10:25 pm

Im a even cooler kid who hates naruto & has the biggest ego loves his girlfriend the most!!!!!!!


03/28/2010 01:36 pm

i like your story but i can't find where i should write the word amazing. it just seems that there is no thesurus

shyann oj

06/29/2010 03:30 pm

what are some other interesting words for said?


09/18/2010 01:44 pm

u people that own the thesuarus websites should change things like the thesuarus websites should actually be a thusuarus


11/06/2010 01:20 pm

u people who own this thesaurus page should change it into a thesaurus or delete it no point of having a thesaurus where u can't use it


01/07/2011 05:47 pm

Umm... Where's the thesaurus???

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:21 am

it means faboulous

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:22 am

affirm or announce

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:22 am

bookish, brainy

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:23 am

an alias is an assumed name, an alibi is a form of defense whereby a defendant attempts to prove that he or she was elsewhere when the crime in question was committed, while an excuse is an explanation offered to justify or obtain forgiveness

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:24 am

accomplish, achieve, act, arrange, be responsible for, bring about, cause

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:25 am

I assume there is only 1 which I could find and it is middle, there is no word such as inbetween

Saksham Shail

01/22/2011 12:27 am

Not the Question For Thesasurs.. Please Change... And I assume there is no word for it.

robert chapman

03/04/2011 09:43 am

u idiots. why call this page a thesaurus when all u do is type in random stuff!!!


03/23/2011 12:09 am

where is the thesaurus


03/24/2011 12:57 am

WHERE IS THE THESAURUS??????????????????????????????


04/20/2011 10:59 am

whats another word for desperate


04/28/2011 06:45 am

I am doing a school project and really need to know what another word for voracious is!!! please could someone help me


04/29/2011 09:47 pm

what is another word for pretty or amazing that starts with an r

Noneof yourbuissness

05/14/2011 03:34 pm


Noneof Your Buissness

05/14/2011 03:37 pm

 you people need to grow up, stop playing pranks and get a girlfriend.  does anyone know a word for fun starting with a "S"


05/17/2011 03:45 pm

y dnt u get a thesaurus from a stationary store


05/28/2011 04:39 pm

whats another word for love


05/28/2011 04:41 pm

this page is crap, and wheres the thesaurus


06/08/2011 10:31 am

whats another word for propaganda


06/08/2011 10:32 pm

Wow this is a crappy as hell page....


06/27/2011 11:03 pm



06/27/2011 11:06 pm

where is thesaurus??????????


07/16/2011 05:52 pm

where"s the beef??? why o lord  why must we deal with something that should be simple,(search for, find, or so we thought, A Thesaurus.  And Yet I say shaking my head, holding back that feeling of anger, who forgot to add in A Thesaurus !!!!! I know i searched for one ?! Needed a word for a word. you know, even exchange.  But nooooo. another word for jacka!!, Lets think, Hummm!??? oh yes don't need a Thesaurus for this. ( dumba!!es, stupida!!, big fat a!!es, Oh the list is endless. Next time put in what people are asking for, A THESAURUS !!!  and to all a goodnight. 


08/20/2011 04:17 pm

WTF, where the THESAURUS?!?!?! Come on google, expected more from you!!!!!


08/20/2011 04:56 pm

What Thesaurus?


01/28/2012 05:17 pm

exactly you cant even trust google

John Malreuss

02/18/2012 06:05 pm

whatever get it right man


03/17/2012 05:23 pm

It's NOT a thesaurus, OR a thesaurus page,


03/17/2012 07:37 pm

Sorry, but I don't recall anyone asking for a definition of alibi or excuse.  Just because someone asks what alias means, doesn't necessarily mean it has anything whatsoever to do with an alibi or an excuse..


03/17/2012 07:51 pm

Just three comments: 1.  learn how to spell;2.  this is a public forum, you can't tell someone they need to change their question because you don't think it qualifies for a thesaurus page;  and 3.  (and most importantly) this is NOT a thesaurus page!


03/17/2012 07:58 pm

To every one of you that posted on here asking 'where is the thesaurus?'....well....I just have to laugh (and you probably will too!).  Seriously.  There was never supposed to be a thesaurus on this page.  Umm... take a moment and try something:  close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths, then open your eyes again.  Ok, ready?  Now....take a really good look at this page....such as the TITLE of the website.  It's called Search Engine RoundTable!  It's not, I repeat, NOT! called Google Thesaurus! This site is made up of ARTICLES relating to various products offered by certain search of which happens to be Google.  This particular article happens to be called 'Google Thesaurus'.   At the beginning of this post, I stated that I 'just have to laugh' and the main reason for that, is because out of the 42 posts that were here when I posted this comment, not ONE of you thought to look any closer when you couldn't find the 'missing' thesaurus.   In the future, when looking for a Google brand product (or ANY brand product), starting with websites that have the name of the product (or brand) in the URL  (i.e.,, and staying away from the ones that don't  (i.e.,, will tend to make finding what you're looking for that much easier.

Where's Thes?

07/24/2012 12:20 am

No thesaurus...been googlyed by Google. Gotta report this false webpage to the Google police.

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