What is to Come of AllTheWeb?

Mar 8, 2004 • 5:39 pm | comments (1) by twitter Google+ | Filed Under Other Search Engines

About a year ago, AllTheWeb was one of those promising search engines. Sometimes referred to as the new Google has now lost its edge. In a post at WebmasterWorld named Is AllTheWeb On Death Row?, markd brings up his concerns with AllTheWeb in light of the latest industry trends and relevancy results.

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Tony Meehan

04/12/2008 08:49 am

Google was actually the new AllTheWeb! AllTheWeb and FAST Search and Transfer were the search engine of choice before Google took the market. Unfortunately a series of bad management decisions let Google in the front door while AllTheWeb was watching the back. As part of the FAST team back then the focus on Enterprise as opposed to web and end user search was frustrating. Tony Meehan

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