Check Google To See If Your Name Triggers SafeSearch Before You Go With It

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There is this ultra-orthodox religious Jewish magazine named Ami Magazine, I was actually profiled in it a few months ago. The interesting part is that when you Google the name, [ami magazine], Google filters the word "ami" due to Safe Search.


Google wrote:

The word "ami" has been filtered from the search because Google SafeSearch is active.

When you turn SafeSearch off, you do indeed get in the number one spot, even with sitelinks. But with SafeSearch on, which it is by default, you won't get that result.

The magazine even has its own Wikipedia page.

What is interesting is that AMI is also short for "Association Montessori International" and the various Montessori organizations, which Google's co-founders are very into.

So why is ami not a safe word? It may have to do with, which is an organization named Advanced Medicinal Institute that is about men sexual health. But even that seems a stretch.

So two things here:

(1) Why is ami not a safe word?

(2) Google your name before you go with it. Although, they may have done that and Google's SafeSearch index may have changed since then.

Forum discussion at Google Web Search Help.

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02/07/2014 02:08 pm

I'm at work so I can't check it myself: Have you tried searching "ami porn" or something similar? Might help you figure out why it is a blocked term it it returns lots of results. I am actually curious, anyone working from home who could give that a check?

Durant Imboden

02/07/2014 04:15 pm

Look the bright side: There's something to be said for protecting impressionable children from extremist views. (I'd rather let Johnny or Janie see photos of naked people than get swayed by political extremists or religious fundamentalists.)

joe © mathieu

02/09/2014 01:09 am

That's very strange. I went through 10 pages of Google search results, and the closest I came to anything sexual was a site selling "club dresses" (no nudity though) and an anime character. Nothing that should be considered Adult.


02/09/2014 04:52 am

I did the search and it worked fine.

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