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AlltheWeb LogoAs you know, Yahoo has decided to shut down AllTheWeb by redirecting to Yahoo Search.

I guess Google isn't too happy about that decision, because if you search for [yahoo search] in Google, Google ranks above Yahoo Search!

I tried this on several browsers, logged in and logged out, with personalized search on and off and in all cases outranks Yahoo Search for a search for [yahoo search]. Here is a picture:

alltheweb ranking yahoo in google

The same search in Bing or Yahoo do not return AllTheWeb in the top results.

So why is Google ranking AllTheWeb for Yahoo Search? Well, because Yahoo decided to use a "temporary" redirect, a 302 redirect - as opposed to using an "permanent" redirect, a 301 redirect, from to

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Liv Jones

04/22/2011 01:51 pm

It's showing a 301 redirect for me.... So either they just changed it... or Google has screwed up 301s... which is what I've seen common since post-panda (aka Doomsday update)

Barry Schwartz

04/22/2011 01:53 pm

It was 100% a 302 redirect when I wrote this story.

Jen Lynne

04/22/2011 04:19 pm

I see a 302 redirect HTTP/1.1·302·Found(CR)(LF) Date:·Fri,·22·Apr·2011·16:18:16·GMT(CR)(LF) Location:·


04/22/2011 11:12 pm

What difference does it matter what type of redirect Yahoo uses. Yahoo search in Google should return at the top (or better, as it likely does in every other real search engine. Since Panda, there are mountains of data where Google can't find things right. Question is, what happens when a real business (like Yahoo) ends up in 9th place or on page 3 for their own name, product, trademark, copyright, etc.? Clearly false advertising and destructive user experience. Google needs to clean this up and ditto for the technology enabling these flaws.

Darrin Ward

04/26/2011 12:53 pm

Where was ranked before the 302 redirect? It's not listed at all there now, even on the first SERP for but the URL itself is indexed. Remember the meta refresh hijacking?! I wonder if this is a similar or related issue.

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