Google AdSense Reporting Stuck, Publishers Freak

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Google AdSense IconIt is not uncommon to see posts in the forums about the Google AdSense reporting being slow or even being "stuck," stop reporting. But normally it doesn't last this long and the reports are not this widespread.

There are many reports but the two main threads are at WebmasterWorld and Google AdSense Help where there are hundreds of complaints from publishers.

Again, I am sure the reports will be back to normal soon, if not already.

The first reports came in early yesterday evening, a little before 6pm EDT. There are some people saying the reports look fine this morning whereas some are still saying there is a delay or complete stoppage of the reporting.

AdSense estimated earnings

Are the reports delayed for you also? Do you freak out or just decide to wait it out?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google AdSense Help.

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10/19/2011 03:38 pm

Yes, it's utter bullshit. My traffic is shot from the 2.5.2 panda update. From thousands of daily visitors to under 250! Yesterday was an all time Adsense traffic and income low. 257 page views, 18 clicks and $2.


10/20/2011 08:40 am

I feel you on the bullsh*t part there Jamie. My daily visitors descended to its all time low. Man Adsense clearly could use something.


10/22/2011 06:16 pm

Glad i am getting into other income models than AdDumb


10/24/2011 02:22 pm

I did some traffic tests It seems that is all about brands now, if you get traffic from twitter, your adsense will report just fine, organic, that,s cool too. But if you buy traffic, or have direct referrers that don't meet google,s criteria, then adsense will not report the click Your impressions will go way up though I noticed this when I was buying traffic. I think what they are doing is appeasing advertisers abut invalid clicks on the content network. By simply declaring more clicks invalid the advertisers see a higher roi, more traffic, and money back into their advertising accounts. They are also diverting traffic to their own properties for top verticals, like finance, travel , etc. I think now having adsense on a website does more harm than good, so if you must use it, put it at the bottom of the page

Sad publisher

10/25/2011 08:07 pm

Bad days for publishers...

book of ra

10/26/2011 07:18 pm

my adsense acc is ok with the earnings but i have a problem with the earning of september. my payment is in progress but in payment i see that the september earning prior to october 1 ore calculated 0.00? i not understand whats wrong with adsense?


10/30/2011 05:01 pm

I have not received Goggle Adsense September payment.  My report still shows 0.00 earnings.  As advised by the google "support experts" I have reported the problem with the payments not updating form -- several times and received "canned" responses from google. It is absolutely ridiculous that the supposedly biggest company on the internet Does Not pay their adsense publishers ON Time. There is NO response from google adsense other than they are "aware" of the "problem" However, they also stated all Adsense publisher would receive timely payment -- a Big Fat Lie. Looking for adsense alternatives right now.


11/02/2011 05:06 pm

Several hundred AdSense publisher still have not been paid for September 2011 earnings - those earnings due to be paid in OCtober 2011 There appears to be an issue with the GAN reporting and zeroing out earnings that has jumped hosts to infect AdSense earnings for many publishers. Result - no EFT payments in October for September earnings.  Yes, people are freaking because they have NOT been paid.


11/05/2011 09:42 pm

Seems like AdSense's new interface is upto no good. Scores of people reporting discrepancies in October 2011 earnings with an average 60-70% of the payment being withheld. Have a look here : Help forum > AdSense > Reports and Earnings -


01/19/2012 12:38 pm

Dream on, it's January 2012, and my AdSense reporting system is now working since past September. I have already reached the minimum threshold months back but because stats are not updating, Google is not issuing any payment and acting like scammers by hiding any link to get in touch with them, not replying to feedback forms nor sending supposed "pros" to reply at their own forums where this issue has been continuously reported, but they only ignores me as probably do with so many other webmasters like me, people that are not worth for them because we are not making thousands or million revenue  a month.


06/02/2013 09:35 pm

I never had such a low income on stats as this year.I have seen stats being stuck 75% of on what it normally was.I have even seen stats vanish. I was and still hoping that its still an update that will solve the issue because seeing a working adsense system was the best ever happened to me.

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