Phone Support Coming To AdSense Publishers?

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AdSense phone supportSearch Engine Land confirmed reports that Susan Wojcicki said Google testing phone support for AdSense publishers.

Google told Search Engine Land that they are "testing additional phone support."

A question was asked at the annual shareholders meeting about one hour and nine minutes in where a person asked if there is a good way to communicate with Google. Then a minute or so later, Larry Page agreed they need to improve communication for publishers. Susan followed up saying they are working on adding phone support for advertisers and publishers. Within the next quarter everyone will be able to contact them via phone number.

Susan obviously lumped in advertisers, which is a known change as of recent times where Google is giving AdWords advertisers phone support. When Google was asked for confirmation of this by Search Engine Land, Google confirmed it is being tested for publishers but I do not think they confirmed it will be out for all publishers by next quarter - yes on the ad side not on the publisher side.

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online coupons

06/13/2011 02:41 pm

I think that's a great move. I guess in this way the problems will be solved which are relevant to Google Adsense program.

David Burdon

06/13/2011 09:53 pm

Phone support for Adsense publishers!!! Try getting in touch with Google when you spend £400k via Adwords!

Will Spencer

06/14/2011 01:14 pm

Awesome... this means they will have to hire people who are English literate. Many of the AdSense compliance folks I have worked with over years have been completely unable to read and comprehend the Program Policies and Terms and Conditions documents.  This has led to hundreds of wasted hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

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