AdSense Actual Earnings 50% Lower Than Estimated Earnings

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Google AdSense IconThere was a flood of reports over the weekend by Google AdSense publishers complaining their AdSense earnings was as much as 50% lower than the estimated earnings they were projected to earn for the month of October.

We have threads at WebmasterWorld and Google AdSense Help with complaints of the major earnings difference. Here are some select complaints:

Yes, I just noticed the same for myself. The estimated earning for Oct where on par with how it has been for the past 20-30 months, but the finalized earnings are way lower. Only 56% of the estimated report.

Same here. earnings of $927 and they say finalized earnings of $292

For October i see in Payments an amount with -20% lower than Estimated Earnings. Also, in main interface of Adsense Last Month shows the correct amount (not lowered with -20%).

I personally checked my earnings and they are pretty much the same as my estimated earnings. But there are tons of reports of huge differences between the estimate and actual numbers in the forums.

I have yet to see an official Google response yet.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Google AdSense Help.

Update: Google posted this is now a known issue, saying:

We're aware that a number of AdSense publishers are currently seeing significant discrepancies between their estimated and finalized earnings. We're working to identify the cause and resolve this as quickly as possible. We'll provide an update to our Known Issues page within the next 24 hours. Please refer to our Known Issues page for further updates.

The issue is said to be resolved, here are the details:

Details: I am happy to report that this issue has been resolved. It was a syncing issue between our payment system and the account interface which resulted in publishers not properly seeing their earnings and 'Payment issued' line items on the Payments page. For publishers affected by this bug, earnings and payments are now properly displaying and up-to-date. Publisher paid via Western Union can find their MTCN numbers on the Payments page as usual.

Publishers who passed the payment threshold in October but have not yet been issued an October payment are affected by the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) problem listed below. Last week we heard from a number of publishers who were unaware that their AdSense accounts were associated with GAN accounts and do not receive regular earnings from GAN. However, all of those accounts have been associated with GAN in our backend system.

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Andreea Cojocariu

11/07/2011 01:19 pm

I noticed ad revenue down too. Anyone think this has something to do with search encryption?


11/07/2011 01:19 pm

I think you might have your title mixed around?

Barry Schwartz

11/07/2011 01:20 pm

yep, thanks. fixed.

Prosperity Hut

11/07/2011 02:06 pm

This sounds very strange. The difference between from estimated and actual earnings was around 5%.


11/07/2011 02:13 pm

Mine was a disaster too, 38% less. This is becoming too much stealing from Google, even if it wasn't for Panda.


11/07/2011 02:43 pm

I lost 93% of my October 2011 earnings


11/07/2011 03:05 pm

Down 10% here. It's like they are pulling random numbers out of their behinds or something.


11/07/2011 03:27 pm

From a "normal" 1-2% discrepancy to a whopping 70% for me. Been publishing for 3 years with AdSense on without a hitch.


11/07/2011 03:32 pm

I'm one of them, down 73%.

Aws Nazar Ahmed Alazzwı

11/07/2011 03:44 pm

all this means that its not normal and it will be fixed and we will get our money as normal, i lost 70% its crazy ..


11/07/2011 04:01 pm

45% down for me LOL... account is 7 yrs old so know this is a bug.. 


11/07/2011 05:08 pm

I lost $215 from my total earnings.

Jawad khan

11/07/2011 06:59 pm

 20% down here. I think its more related to Google Conversion optimization. They are making it more difficult for people to earn through crap and non-buying traffic.


11/08/2011 04:01 am

63% down for me.. I thinks this is a bug...


11/08/2011 09:03 am

Google has acknowledged it as an issue and trying to solve it

Markom Dizajn

11/08/2011 01:27 pm

Same here, 60% down, makes no sense...


11/09/2011 06:27 pm

Should be fixed now.


11/10/2011 11:48 am

my problem solved, now i lost only $2


11/24/2011 12:03 pm

my october and november adsense income down 50%...have they sorted this issue yet?


12/09/2011 12:07 pm

Seems this happened again for many users November earnings too.  Pretty poor.

Michael A.

01/07/2012 11:32 am

AdSense says the income COULD be SLIGHTLY lower than estimated, yet they take from my earnings few Euros each month. Until now, they took between 5-10 Euros, but this month they took 33 Euros from a total of 534 Euros. It is a lot knowing how hard one makes 33 Euros with AdSense. This offends me deeply because I know for sure it's just another way to steal money from their earners. 1. If it says the income COULD be slightly lower, than why is it ALWAYS lower? I haven't had ONE month without them taking some of my money. 2. And if it says SLIGHTLY lower, how is it possible for them to take  33 Euros from a total of 534? 3. There is no way to contact them. They don't have a phone number, nor an e-mail address. They don't care!

Neva Howell

02/01/2012 12:52 pm

No correction to my earnings has been made.  I lost $80 due to this glitch. Would like it back, please, and also, January earnings completely tanked despite consistent traffic.


07/19/2012 06:25 am

My Adsense revenue dropped without knowing the reason why. The numbers of visitors remain the same, pageviews remain the same but the income dropped. Now I start to change the color and have a better CTR, I hope nothing wrong related to this issue.

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