Vlog #28: Andrea Cruz Lopez On Google Ads Match Types & Tips


Andrea Small

Andrea Cruz Lopez (@andreacruz92) works at KoMarketing as a digital marketing manager. KoMarketing was her first job in the SEM space, which she started back in 2015. Andrea is multilingual and speaks three different languages, Spanish, English (obviously) and French. She believes being multilingual helps her do her job professionally, as well as in her personal life.

KoMarketing, she said, has an awesome team and the people in the company share and collaborate a lot. The company only focuses on B2B clients. You can see the 30 or so people behind the glass garage door.

Google Ads made changes to the match types parameters. Google now lets similar keywords expand up to those keywords you have in your keywords. So you need to come up with new ideas on how to control this and control you ad spend. Google has a history of expanding exact match or making exact match match types less exact. Andrea explained how this impacts an agency who manages Google Ads for customers.

I then bring up Will Reynolds talk we did on Vlog number 17 about how Google does this to somewhat steal money from advertisers. Andrea believes you have to be careful with your ad budget and your money but won’t go as far to say that Google is grabbing your money.

Andreas top two Google Ads tips is to (1) use the search query report to find patterns and (2) keep reading industry news articles on what is changing. In short, do not "set it and forget it" with your Google Ads campaigns.

Hope you like this video interview!

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