PubCon Live: Social Media, Press Relations, & Brand Management

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click for full sizeBelow is live coverage of the Social Media, Press Relations, & Brand Management panel from the PubCon 2011 conference.

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Barry Schwartz: 3:13:44 pm
Starting shortly
Barry Schwartz: 3:17:11 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:17:43 pm
Giovanni Gallucci, Sarah Carling, Chris Winfield
Lisa Buyer
Barry Schwartz: 3:17:55 pm
Chris is up first
Barry Schwartz: 3:18:30 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:18:48 pm
Social media makes things easier
Barry Schwartz: 3:18:56 pm
Leveraging Linkedin
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:23 pm
How Journalists Use LinkedIn
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:39 pm
Barry Schwartz: 3:19:50 pm
He thinks about it, how can I attract journalists on linkedin
Barry Schwartz: 3:20:05 pm
LinkedIn Skills: Look for people who have skills... So he wants to have those skills.
Barry Schwartz: 3:20:33 pm
It is called skill rank.. To increase your skillrank, add skills to your profile. join groups and follow related companies.
Barry Schwartz: 3:21:15 pm
Company Pages: Make sure they are as complete as possible.
Barry Schwartz: 3:22:17 pm
There is also an advanced people search. Look at it how a reporter would look at it.
Barry Schwartz: 3:22:56 pm
Advanced answers search is also a good place.
Barry Schwartz: 3:23:04 pm
Barry Schwartz: 3:23:24 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:23:59 pm
Easy way to make a complete media list
Barry Schwartz: 3:24:58 pm
Collect the twitter handles of all the media
Barry Schwartz: 3:25:29 pm
Going to the people tab can help you expand your network
Barry Schwartz: 3:26:06 pm
Here is an awesome list
Barry Schwartz: 3:26:31 pm
Be there when reporters need help, such as HARO
Barry Schwartz: 3:27:26 pm
ProfNet is also very good
Barry Schwartz: 3:27:38 pm
Also, secure your twitter handles before you do a launch.
Barry Schwartz: 3:28:55 pm
Before Netflix launched a product, they didn't secure the Twitter handle. So some kid took it and abused it.
Barry Schwartz: 3:29:57 pm
Facebook: The most important thing with it is building relationships with reporters.
Barry Schwartz: 3:30:45 pm
A lot of reporters put ways to contact them via Facebook
Barry Schwartz: 3:31:05 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:31:17 pm
Remember, they can learn a lot from you as well.
Barry Schwartz: 3:31:34 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:31:37 pm
So be careful!
Barry Schwartz: 3:31:47 pm
So what do you do when you get coverage?
Barry Schwartz: 3:32:13 pm
You want to promote it everywhere. The more coverage you piece gets the better off you are. Tweet, share, SEO, paid search, build links, etc.
Barry Schwartz: 3:32:53 pm
The next time you want to pitch something to that reporter, they will listen to you b/c you helped make the most popular story of the day.
Barry Schwartz: 3:33:45 pm
Put it on your web site, auto responders, email sigs, newsltters, twitter, facebook, etc - get it out there.
Barry Schwartz: 3:34:05 pm
Keep the relationship with the reporter. Stay in touch, feed them info, give them other sources.
Barry Schwartz: 3:34:25 pm
Also help the reporter promote other stuff.
Barry Schwartz: 3:34:37 pm
Social Media makes all this stuff so much easier and more effective.
Barry Schwartz: 3:34:58 pm
Sarah Carling is next up
Barry Schwartz: 3:35:18 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:35:26 pm
Social media is scary...
Barry Schwartz: 3:35:42 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:35:49 pm
This hurts! he got his personal and business account mixed up
Barry Schwartz: 3:36:38 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:36:47 pm
Preparation is key
Barry Schwartz: 3:37:09 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:37:43 pm
You need to get the right people involved. Everyone needs to know who is doing what so you don't have repetition
Barry Schwartz: 3:38:40 pm
Side note: What did you guys do to the stock market today?
Barry Schwartz: 3:39:33 pm
Monitoring is required!
Barry Schwartz: 3:40:13 pm
You need phone numbers of people in your org that you need to call
Barry Schwartz: 3:40:51 pm
Clean out the skeletons from your closet.. Make sure before you engage with people before you do this. Find out if your CEO has legal issues.
Barry Schwartz: 3:41:43 pm
This goes with nasty clients
Barry Schwartz: 3:42:14 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:42:28 pm
An example of choosing the wrong person when being your brand
Barry Schwartz: 3:45:03 pm
Giovanni Gallucci is next up
Barry Schwartz: 3:45:26 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:46:57 pm
He looks at it as ways to build relationships...
Barry Schwartz: 3:47:29 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:47:37 pm
Case study on himself.
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:09 pm
Social Options: Facebook, Twitter and Google +
Barry Schwartz: 3:48:20 pm
Facebook ticks us off he said...
Barry Schwartz: 3:49:44 pm
When google + came around, it just felt right, it was a great blend of Facebook and Twitter
Barry Schwartz: 3:49:56 pm
Google + grew incredibly fast, 53 million users in no time.
Barry Schwartz: 3:50:02 pm
And then everyone left
Barry Schwartz: 3:50:18 pm
Journalists and photographers are there but mom and aunt is not using it so people leave
Barry Schwartz: 3:50:25 pm
So now we are back to just Twitter and Facebook
Barry Schwartz: 3:51:13 pm
With Twitter, how do we get access to journalists on Twitter...
Barry Schwartz: 3:52:23 pm
People who are on the ground have as much info as the TV show host. Find the people who put the shows together, not the ones who are the busiest people. So assistant producers, etc
Barry Schwartz: 3:54:46 pm
You need to build the ecosystem, so don't always need to go direct to the person. Again, don't go direct, find out the connection to the person you want to connect to. Even go 6 degrees away.
Barry Schwartz: 3:56:36 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:57:03 pm
Make it easy access to your social profile for people to find you
Barry Schwartz: 3:57:55 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 3:59:20 pm
Even if someone has 2,000 followers, those followers can be key if they are very niche.
Barry Schwartz: 3:59:44 pm
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Barry Schwartz: 4:00:11 pm
Search is his favorite still.. Journalists can be lazy, he implied.
Barry Schwartz: 4:00:41 pm
They will Google something and call the first person with a phone number. So make sure you content comes up and your are easy to connect with
Barry Schwartz: 4:01:57 pm
He ranks #1 for social media expert , he does
Barry Schwartz: 4:02:03 pm
How does he do it?
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:00 pm
Google loves photos, Google loves Flickr. HE puts hyperlinks in the Flickr links. He always puts meta data in the picture. iPhoto lets you do basic stuff, but Photoshop lets you do a lot. So he puts in tons of text about the picture in the meta data with the hyperlinks.
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:10 pm
click for full size
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:21 pm
(my thoughts: I cannot believe this is true)
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:30 pm
He says this is why he is #1 for social media experts
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:45 pm
click for full size
Barry Schwartz: 4:03:47 pm
Google + Pics
Barry Schwartz: 4:04:19 pm
Facebook Piictures: Tag publicists, music journalists, artist managers and let them use the pics for free.
Barry Schwartz: 4:04:56 pm
He gives away all his photos because he wants an audience for his photos, and it feeds his business, which is marketing.
Barry Schwartz: 4:06:55 pm
He finds journalists on cision
Barry Schwartz: 4:07:38 pm
He also uses Tweetadder
Barry Schwartz: 4:08:31 pm
He does workshops at his office for free to journalists
Barry Schwartz: 4:09:22 pm
Sell yourself
Barry Schwartz: 4:09:32 pm
Okay, next session in 10 minutes.. "Black Hat Tactics and Preventative Measures" Should be awesome!

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