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Live Blogging Coverage SMXBelow is live coverage of the Facebook Ad Tactics For Search Marketers panel from the SMX West 2011 conference. This coverage is provided by Keri Morgret of Strike Models.

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Keri Morgret: 3:32:29 pm
Facebook Ad Tactics For Search Marketers
Not advertising on Facebook? You’re missing out on potential traffic from the second largest internet website, with more than 500 million unique users. And if you’re familiar with Google AdWords or Microsoft’s adCenter you’ll love Facebook’s self-serve image and text-based ads that let you advertise your own web page or even your own Facebook page or event. Other cool features? Social actions, targeting, real time reporting… you really should make time to friend this program at SMX.

Moderator: Disa Johnson, CEO, SearchReturn

Q&A Moderator: Angie Schottmuller, Founder, Interactive Artisan


Matt Lawson, VP of marketing, Marin Software
Justin Merickel, VP, Marketing and New Product Development, Efficient Frontier
Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear
John Yi, Strategic Program Manager, Marketing APIs, Facebook (Q&A Speaker)
Keri Morgret: 3:33:33 pm
First up is Matt Lawson.
Keri Morgret: 3:34:35 pm
He's from Marin Software, and they're an online advertising platform for ad companies and agencies.
Keri Morgret: 3:35:09 pm has a larger weekly market shares of visits than
Keri Morgret: 3:35:11 pm
click for full size
Keri Morgret: 3:35:44 pm
What this means: More impressions, lower CTR than Google, lower average CPC.
Keri Morgret: 3:36:01 pm
Probably a good time to get into advertising on FB as not everyone has come over there yet to advertise.
Keri Morgret: 3:36:18 pm
Conversion rates are different than Google. Really depends on customer/business line.
Keri Morgret: 3:36:34 pm
Best practices:
Keri Morgret: 3:37:06 pm
Start by targeting connections and their friends. Almost like you're retargeting people who already know about your brand. Just because they know about your brand doesn't mean they've converted before.
Keri Morgret: 3:38:02 pm
Use top keywords to fin interests, think of how they may translate into likes and interests. Then, think about segmenting your audience.
Keri Morgret: 3:38:49 pm
Gender, age, education are ways to segment. You don't want to be too broad or too narrow in your segmentation.
Keri Morgret: 3:39:15 pm
After you set up your campaigns, test images before copy.

Images are the key driver for CTR.
Keri Morgret: 3:39:36 pm
Draw attention to ads with contrasting colors. Make your ad contrast with the Facebook interface.
Keri Morgret: 3:40:40 pm
Link images to audience to increase relevance. Female golfer in ad for females, male golfer in ad for males.
Keri Morgret: 3:41:04 pm
Keep your ads fresh. In paid search, people may not do the same search over and over, so they haven't seen your ad before in many cases.
Keri Morgret: 3:41:28 pm
With Facebook, they may see your ad way too many times since they log in multiple times a week (or day!).
Keri Morgret: 3:42:04 pm
Problem: finely target audience X 4 hours/week on facebook = ad blindness.
Keri Morgret: 3:43:06 pm
Maintain the facebook experience. With paid search, the links take you off the search engine. With Facebook, all the other links (non-paid) keep you on the site. Can you keep people in FB, or at least make your landing page be similar?
Keri Morgret: 3:43:47 pm
Remember that social infuencers do search. Consumers exposed to a brand's social media are 50% more likely to click on paid search ads.
Keri Morgret: 3:45:10 pm
They have a white paper about successful FB ads.That's the end of his talk
Keri Morgret: 3:45:54 pm
Justin Merickel, Efficient Frontier is up now.
Keri Morgret: 3:46:57 pm
click for full size
Keri Morgret: 3:47:15 pm
This Facebook page for a dog shows how many likes and friends this dog has -- a change from the early 90s cartoon about "on the internet, no one knows you're a dog".
Keri Morgret: 3:47:52 pm
Average user on facebook has about 140 fans.
Keri Morgret: 3:48:22 pm
Marketplace ads fuel valuable outcomes.

Interactions: fans, brand "like", product/promo "like"

Transactions: Sales, installs, downloads
Keri Morgret: 3:48:57 pm
The full effect of FB ads: impact is much greater than the immediate action.
Keri Morgret: 3:49:31 pm
click for full size
Keri Morgret: 3:50:01 pm
You advertise to one person, they like, then that like is broadcast to friends.
Keri Morgret: 3:50:42 pm
We need to think beyond the individual transaction to the full effect FB can create.
Keri Morgret: 3:51:21 pm
One of the keys is the "plumbing" of FB, the way it's set up.

FB tools create valuable interactions. Provide consumers a reason to "like" and engage.
Keri Morgret: 3:52:07 pm
Without regular engagement from the fan, FB will not display published updates.
Keri Morgret: 3:52:23 pm
You need to keep the fan involved.
Keri Morgret: 3:53:19 pm
Goals: establish and value actions. The value of a "like" is in what you do with the asset.
Keri Morgret: 3:53:53 pm
What's the value of the additional connections, data asset.
Keri Morgret: 3:54:29 pm
Location, language, demo, education, likes, etc. Lots of things you can target in profile.
Keri Morgret: 3:54:37 pm
Targeting: expansion. Find more targets like the ones that work.
Keri Morgret: 3:55:23 pm
EF developed a proprietary tool to recommend likes/interests for targeting beyond the obvious ones.

"Nike Basketball" keywords generated likes/interests for a range of things, FB tool generated no ideas.
Keri Morgret: 3:55:32 pm
Go granular with your targeting.
Keri Morgret: 3:55:59 pm
Creative must be compelling. Affinity does not equal intent. Keep it frish and direct.
Keri Morgret: 3:56:10 pm
He's going quickly. Good info, but can't type fast enough.
Keri Morgret: 3:56:21 pm
Updating bids to reflect value is critical.
Keri Morgret: 3:56:34 pm
Test landing page, targeting, copy, image, rinse, repeat.
Keri Morgret: 3:57:41 pm
click for full size
Keri Morgret: 3:57:54 pm
His company has spent time addressing a lot of the challenges in advertising on FB.
Keri Morgret: 3:58:22 pm
And if I thought he talked fast..up next is Marty Weintraub!
Keri Morgret: 3:58:42 pm
I have a text outline of his presentation, which should help a bit.
Keri Morgret: 3:59:52 pm
Marty started marketing on FB ad platform since a week after it came out.

This presentation is an excerpt of a presentation he's giving at the FB intensive on Friday.
Keri Morgret: 4:00:25 pm
Creativity in targeting and things to think about

What Personal Traits?
Who’s Professional Characteristics?
Which Radically Private Predilections
Concept Transcends Facebook
Inspired By Bottomless Personalities
Keri Morgret: 4:01:16 pm
Radical example -- selling junk food to pot smokers in the middle of the night.
Keri Morgret: 4:01:47 pm
Literal targeting: most vanilla, safe targeting.
Keri Morgret: 4:02:21 pm
Vanilla of Facebook Ads
Tight Semantic Relationship
Knitting Needles Woman Who Like Knitting
Segment Includes KW in Product Title
Good News: Can Be Focused Like Search
Bad News: Literal Relationships Don’t Always Exist
Keri Morgret: 4:02:37 pm
Literal Targeting
Hockey Sticks to Hockey Players
Jonas Brothers to 13 Year Old Girls.
Keri Morgret: 4:02:56 pm
Next level of "aggression" is competitive targeting.
Keri Morgret: 4:03:59 pm
Fertile Killing Field
Pick Off Competitor's Fans, Customers
Freaked Out Wild West of Online Marketing
Get It While It's Hot
No Direct Case Law Precedent
Frontier Mentality Won't Last

Get it while it's hot -- this freedom may not last.
Keri Morgret: 4:04:54 pm
Thousands of vulnerable brands. Apple marketing to Dell, Kellog marketing to Post, Pottery Barn to Crate and Barrel -- all examples of what could be done.
Keri Morgret: 4:06:02 pm
Target to Negative Competitors’ Sentiment
Powerful Leads, Unsatisfied Consumers
Could Be Susceptible to Alternatives
Keri Morgret: 4:06:58 pm
Double Negative: "Like" Bucket + "Sucks" In Keyword = "Hate"
Negative Competitor's Sentiment Marketing: Headlines
"[Brand] Alternative"
"If You Hate [Their Brand] You'll Love [Our Brand,]"
"10%" Discount If You Think [Brand] Sucks"
Keri Morgret: 4:07:41 pm
Be Careful. Be Very Careful.
Backlash of [Brand] Lovers
[Brand] Might Sue
Follow The Laws Of Jurisdictions ® © ™
Guided By What You’d Do (Or Not) In Public
Keri Morgret: 4:08:14 pm
"Obnoxious Neighbor Haters" -- sell them motion detector lighs.
Keri Morgret: 4:08:22 pm
should be "lights"
Keri Morgret: 4:08:45 pm
Conflict & Violence
Much Human Ritual Centers on Territorial Violence
Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, WW
Children's Games From Battleship to Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots
Keri Morgret: 4:09:27 pm
Violent Social Segments = KPI Sitting Ducks
1,154,140 Woman Like Fighting,
229,640 55+ years old!
Market divorce attorneys, facelifts
Spa services, senior personals

Sell diapers to women who hate being pregnant.
Keri Morgret: 4:10:13 pm
People admit to crazy things.
Wild Admissions
Sell Skateboards & Condoms Underage Drinkers
Occupations & Employment
Huge Part of Identify
Extremely Potent Targeting
LinkedIn = 50 Million US/FB = 3X
Killer For the Right B2b KPI
Pros Are Always Partially On Duty

FB: no occupation targeting, but if they like "master electrician" you have a good idea of what they do.
Keri Morgret: 4:10:46 pm
Places of Employment: Work & Education Tool
Real estate Agents Are Go Getters
Productivity Software, Easy-Upload Video Cameras Magnetic Car Signs
Computers, Snow Plowing, Cars, Phone Service & Restaurants
Keri Morgret: 4:11:14 pm
Sell "stop smoking" to people who are fans of AA.
Keri Morgret: 4:12:10 pm
Real-World Publications
What Do Our Customers Read?
Sports Lovers Read Sports Illustrated
Entrepreneurs read INC
Upper Crust Travelers Read Condé Nast
Shrewd Marketers Don't Miss This Level Of Targeting
Keri Morgret: 4:12:30 pm
Hunters buy pickup trucks, yachting magazine readers probably have a boatload of money.
Keri Morgret: 4:12:48 pm
Travel Books: Frommers, Lonely Planet, & Berlitz
Sell them Cruises, Airfare, Hotel, Guide Service
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Foreign Language Learning Software
Keri Morgret: 4:13:43 pm
Use search to help you find competitors and sites people love, use that as research for FB targeting. Turning company's seo against them.
Keri Morgret: 4:14:44 pm
Big round of applause for Marty after his presentation. Thanks to Marty for the copy of this presentation so I could get down more of what he said.
Keri Morgret: 4:15:44 pm
Q&A (for John Yi, FB rep)

Does FB have a quality-score? They do have a type of quality score internally, don't make it available to advertisers. Two components to this. CTR and user feedback.
Keri Morgret: 4:16:09 pm
User feedback: when you click an "x" to remove the ad.
Keri Morgret: 4:17:32 pm
Interesting questions here for the FB rep about what is algorithmic and what is manual.
Keri Morgret: 4:17:47 pm
There's a combination of human and machine based review for ads.
Keri Morgret: 4:19:07 pm
In the works for being able to target people who are in a group that you don't admin (sounds like for agencies that have a relation). Marty mentions that you can do a lot with "likes" of people who like pages.
Keri Morgret: 4:20:35 pm
Is there an "automated Marty" out there to get some of these creative targeting options.
Keri Morgret: 4:20:58 pm
Marty: try using a thesaurus, lateral something in wordtracker.
Keri Morgret: 4:21:27 pm
Responder demographic profile information can be helpful.
Keri Morgret: 4:22:41 pm
Lateral stemming is what Marty mentioned.
Keri Morgret: 4:23:12 pm
If you're selling golf stuff, put in
golf a
golf b
golf c

to see what suggestions come up for either letter.
Keri Morgret: 4:23:59 pm
John Yi mentions there are companies new to FB that sound like they're coming out with more tools.
Keri Morgret: 4:26:16 pm
Tools question: for markerers that don't have access to large bid platforms, what solutions are there? any tips for using excel?

FB insights, excel helpful. Not a whole lot of free stuff out there it sounds like.
Keri Morgret: 4:26:24 pm
Matt: can be helpful to set bids high early.
Keri Morgret: 4:27:10 pm
Marty gives a plug for the Acquisio tool because AimClear helped design it.

Ads API tool program directory is a good search on FB to find companies to help.
Keri Morgret: 4:28:47 pm
Will FB ever review the feedback to the advertisers?

John: there's a long list of raw ad performance information that's available in other marketing channels, does make sense at some point to have available to FB advertisers, things under consideration, thinking about ways to surface them. No specific timelines.

Just like Google, FB is quiet when talking details about what or when things might come out and change.
Keri Morgret: 4:29:57 pm
Are there any plans for having a multiple client login, something like an MCC for adwords?

They are working on a type of solution, can't say much about it, but "if there's another conference like this in a month or so you" you can ask him more then.
Keri Morgret: 4:30:23 pm
And this blogger made a comment from the peanut gallery after hearing something wrong. d'oh. Oh well, at least it's not being videotaped. :)
Keri Morgret: 4:31:45 pm
Justin mentions, as has Marty earlier, that the manual review is a bit uneven. Marty mentioned to just keep submitting until it hits a reviewer that approves it.
Keri Morgret: 4:35:06 pm
Marty mentions they do ads WITHOUT a call to action and disincentives to click, so they can focus on getting tons of impressions, and notice that it does have a good impact on search (not sure organic or paid or both).
Keri Morgret: 4:35:18 pm
Using FB for branding to increase CTR from search.
Keri Morgret: 4:37:05 pm
Q&A continuing, asking FB rep lots of questions about how things are calculated and how to get information about performance. Apologies for not being able to follow all of this, need to refill on Diet Coke. :)
Keri Morgret: 4:38:52 pm
Discussion among panelists as to direct response marketing, whether to do things in feed or email. Marty doesn't want to give anything away to competitors or have people target his fans, would rather email them. Others don't feel the same way.
Keri Morgret: 4:41:25 pm
Marty: looks at google insights for increased search amounts in google when they're looking to see if their FB branding campaign is working.
Keri Morgret: 4:45:28 pm
And the session is over. Great session!

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