SEOs Should Be More Respectful To Google Webmaster Trends Analysts

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We, including myself, can often come off as giving Googlers a really hard time when it comes to certain things that happen there. If they make UI changes, implement new cool features, change their algorithm, not release a Penguin refresh, comment about how Google may or may not index something, etc.

We often tell Google how we think, directly, with no filter. But if they were standing in front of us, like humans, most of us would be more polite with our thoughts.

An ongoing WebmasterWorld thread has a post that stood out to me, it reads:

This may sound pointless but I think maybe if people continuously pointed out Google result fails in a respectful way to John Muller and Gary Illyes maybe we can influence them somehow.

They seem to be the only ones in Google who even speak to webmasters in public. Not that I think they can directly change things but I imagine they have meetings about serps once in a while.

Also I'm not expecting Google to change their priority of raking in the ads money, but maybe their results can be a little less garbage. I'm astounded to see in my niche sometimes 4 Amazon listings show up in a row. It's simply weak search results in some cases.

I am surprised Matt Cutts lasted so long based on all the abuse he received and still receives even though he has been on leave for over a year.

That being said - I truly believe John Mueller, Gary Illyes, Zineb and the many other Google Webmaster Trends Analysts want to do what is best for webmasters. Not only is that their job, many of them were webmasters before joining Google.

So maybe, if we (including myself) were more respectful about it, it would go a longer way?

We can try it and if it doesn't work, let loose again? Just kidding.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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