SEO: Different C-Class IP Addresses "Dramatically" Helps Improve Link Value & Ranking Boost

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Google Ip Addresses

Greg Niland, aka GoodROI, who has been in the SEO community for ages, said on WebmasterWorld that he just tested the old fashion question around how important having links from different c-blocks, c-classes, matters for ranking. He said he recently tested it and having links from IPs on different c-classes have a "dramatic ranking boost" factor.

He wrote:

In case you were wondering, Google will give significantly more link power love if your inbound links are on different c class ip addresses. I just finished a project and it was a dramatic ranking boost when we made this change.

We've heard Google talk about c-classes from the stance of a penalty and that generally you don't need to worry being on the same c-class IP of a spammy site. But sometimes you can get in trouble if you are one out of 10,000 sites on a spammy C-class.

That being said, many link tools do differentiate the links you get from unique IP classes because SEOs think about that stuff.

While I write all of this, Google is shaking their head - how is any of this discussion related to a natural link? If you are thinking about IP c-classes from your links, how are you getting natural links? I guess that might be for another conversation.

In any event, figured I bring back a topic from the yesteryears of our industry.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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