Panda: What Happened To Fixing The Scraper Issue?

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pandaWasn't the whole point of the scraper algorithm and the continued Panda updates about making sure quality original sourced content ranks in Google and now stolen/scraped content?

It seems like recently Google is back to where they started from prior to February 2011 (maybe I am being a bit harsh) when it comes to scrapers outranking the original source.

A Threadwatch thread by Aaron Wall cites how a story that cost The Verge $5,000 to put together is not ranking in the first position for the story name in either Google web search or Google News.

The article is over here but when you search for [death of the american arcade] in Google, the number one web result is and the only Google News listing is from the king of content generation, Huffington Post. What is going on here?

I actually asked Google about this a week or two ago, still no response, for a story on Search Engine Land. Search for an article Danny just wrote a few days ago named Google Launches Streamlined Image Search. Google doesn't rank it anywhere on the first page of the web results for a search on the title. It does happen to rank in Google News.

Google Scrapers Ranking

Wasn't Panda and the Scraper update suppose to fix this?

As Aaron Wall asked in the thread:

How long will publishers be able to afford to rank 3rd for their $5,000 articles, when Google keeps pumping up the rank of the $20 rehashes?

I should note, technically these sites are not "scrapers," but the original source should rank number one - not the sites referencing the original source.

Forum discussion at Threadwatch.

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