Google & Bing Block Out 66 16 0 N 179 15 0 E On Google Maps, Why?

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Go to 66 16 0 N 179 15 0 E on Google Maps or Bing Maps and you will see a blurred out area. No one knows exactly why that area in Russia is blurred out. It is one of the few blurred out areas on Google Maps.

66 16 0 N 179 15 0 E

A Google Maps user asked why on the Google Maps Help forum, but I doubt we will see a reply.

There is some discussion on this at Unexplained Mysteries Forum but no one knows the full truth. Maybe it is a military base, maybe aliens live there, or maybe it is the RustyBrick headquarters (okay not).

It is interesting to see this, since street views came to Russia this week.

The user asked:

I have been wondering about this for a long time. On ALL of the map sites, this area in Russia is photoshopped or blurred: 66 16 0 N 179 15 0 E. Nobody seems to have any answers and I am going nuts wondering what is being hidden from us all. Can anyone tell me what the significance of this area is and why we aren't allowed to see it?

Anyone know?

Forum discussion at Google Maps Help.

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