Gary Illyes: Report Companies Impersonating Google

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Gary Illyes from Google was listening in on a conversation about folks calling me asking if I was Google. No kidding, I get about one call per day asking if I am from Google and if I can help them with everything from resetting their Android device to ranking help to a Google Play refund. But then Melissa Fach said she gets many calls from companies claiming their are from Google, offering to sell her something. That stuff has been going on for a while and we've covered it before.

Gary Illyes offered to help on Twitter if you give him the phone number and company name of the company impersonating Google. He said, "if you also happen to have phone numbers and perhaps company names, I can find someone who'd love to look into it."

There have even been folks who have impersonated Matt Cutts and even impersonate myself. But people calling claiming to be from Google is a much larger issue.

I am not sure what Gary can do but it is worth sending him this data as you get it.

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