Daily Search Forum Recap: August 8, 2019

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Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Search Engine Roundtable Stories:

  • Google Not Indexing New Content Again
    Google, as of a few hours ago, is having issues again indexing new content. If you want to find the latest news from the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post or your other favorite magazines - you may be out of luck. Google has confirmed the issue and said they are working on resolving it. With that and related to it, the URL inspection tool is not working.
  • Google: We Do Not Index Parts Of A Page Independently
    Some may speculate that Google doesn't just index a URL and the content on that URL as a whole, but may index parts of a page independently. That is not true, Google's John Mueller said on Twitter "We don't index parts of a page independently, we index the pages as a whole, and try to understand the context of the content there."
  • Google Question Hub: Asking Questions In Search & Publishers Answering
    For over a year now, we have seen Google testing letting searchers ask questions directly in the search results. But we had no idea what was going on exactly - that is until now. Google posted on the Google India blog about Google Question Hub, a tool that enables creators to create richer content by leveraging unanswered questions.
  • Google Ads Account Map Helps You To See Your Google Ads Account Structure
    Google Ads launched a new feature the other day named account maps. It basically gives you a way to quickly visualize your account structure, view each account's performance and navigate to those accounts.
  • Tisk Tisk Google Ads: Stop Calling Our Clients & Denying Our Requests
    Gil Gildner from Discosloth, an SEM agency, posted a screen shot of Google emailing his client directly, denying the request to remove ad automation that his agency thought was hurting his clients budget and campaign goals. Kirk Williams posted on Twitter "Unbelievable situation. A good agency is a huge proponent for @GoogleAds and calling them out negatively to the client because they determined strategically to avoid using specific automation needs to cease and desist at once."
  • Google: Evergreen GoogleBot To Get Chrome 76 Soon
    As you know, Google pushed out Chrome 76 Tuesday, July 30, 2019 - or 9 days ago. The evergreen GoogleBot is still running Chrome 75. But Martin Splitt from Google said GoogleBot will be on 76 "very soon" and with that, also the tools will support Chrome 76.
  • Black & White Room At Google
    Here is a photo of a room at one of the newer Google offices in Spruce Goose Hangar, in Los Angeles. It looks like a creepy but interesting black and white room. This photo was posted on Instagram.

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