First Day As A Google Employee During COVID-19

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Nooglers First Day As A Google Employee During COVID-19

Here is a Noogler, a new Googler, on her first day as a Google employee, during the coronavirus, unable to go to the Google office, to work with her new coworkers in person. Instead, she is home, working remotely with her colleagues and the other Googlers virtually.

Liz Bagot posted this on Instagram and wrote "It’s my first day at Google! I won’t get to physically go to the office or meet my colleagues for the foreseeable future, so to mark the occasion I “dressed up” and pretended our apartment was the office. Thanks to @meganpbeck for letting me borrow her Noogler hat!" I guess she didn't get a Noogler hat mailed to her (maybe no one is at Google to mail it).

But this is super nice to read!

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