More Details On Evergreen GoogleBot: Two Waves, Old User Agents & More

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Google launched the evergreen GoogleBot, a GoogleBot that will be up-to-date with the latest version of Chrome. A GoogleBot that can access all the latest modern web browser features. A GoogleBot with less limitations. I've been updating the original article with more details but if you missed it, here are some new tidbits around this announcement that you may have missed.

User Agent Didn't Change

Despite us seeing the old user agent saying Chrome 41, it is really Chrome 74. Martin Splitt from Google said they didn't want to make too many changes that might hurt SEOs by changing the User Agent name, so they changed GoogleBot but didn't change the User Agent name yet.

Two Waves Of Crawling

Google still has to do two waves, two passes, of crawling for some JavaScript pages to be fully rendered and processed. Which means, there is still a delay despite GoogleBot getting more modern.

But Google is still working on making it a single pass but has nothing to announce on this yet.

Less Crawling? Nope.

Martin said this won't result in less crawling of your web pages:

Many New Features

Like we said before, GoogleBot is able to do a lot more now. Here are some of the features it supports:

GoogleBot is Shared

Google's various tools and departments share GoogleBot and while search was updated, not all the tools and other GoogleBots were. So mobile-friendly test, and other tests are not yet updated but will be at some point:

New User Agent Spotted

But folks are seeing a new User Agent spotted in the wild but we are not sure if this is related to the evergreen GoogleBot or something else.

Google is looking into how to respond:

So that is all that you might have missed on this news.

Update on this GoogleBot test above:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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