Mid-November Google Search Algorithm Update Reversals?

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Google Update Reverse

Friday we reported about a possible Google update, which is unconfirmed, but where a nice amount of the search community noticed some ranking changes and traffic changes. It seems like maybe yesterday there were some reversals or tweaks to whatever happened on November 15th.

The Black Hat World thread has the most chatter of the recent tweaks with the mid-November update. Here are some of those comments:

Rankings have just gone back to what they were before these updates again. Wonder how long it will last this time.

Some weird keywords are getting ranked rather than the regular ones.

For a few days my ranking returned to normal, but started to see weird results again since yesterday or so. My main page disappeared and some random page which I deleted 10 days ago is ranking for my main money keyword.

The WebmasterWorld forums is picking this up a bit less than the Black Hat World forums. Here are some of the comments about the tweaks on this forum:

This is driving me crazy. I have a high volume viral page pinging in and out of the US serps literally every 12 hours. It appears at position 6, then it disappears again a few hours later, usually during peak traffic time.

I had a similar thing happen to one of my pages. It would be #4 for its target keyword, and then completely drop out of the SERPs for 12 hours or so. It didn't just drop to page 2, 3, 10, whatever. It was literally gone.

Most of the tools are showing pretty calm weather, outside of Accuranker that shows stronger fluctuations today:

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The rest are relatively calm...


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Advanced Web Rankings:

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Let us know what you are seeing here please.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World.

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