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Below is live coverage of the Landing Page Optimization panel from the SES San Francisco 2011 conference. This coverage is provided by Shanon Woodruff at RankSmart.

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Shanon Woodruff: 11:32:10 am
Landing Page Optimization : SES San Fran 2011 Live Coverage

Crispin Sheridan, SES Advisory Board & Sr Director of Search Marketing Strategy, SAP
Jessica Bowman, CEO,
Allison Fabella, SEO & Social Media Manager, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Simon Heseltine, Director of SEO, AOL Inc.
Shanon Woodruff: 11:35:06 am

Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory Board and NYTimes Bestselling Author,
Nathan Richter, Strategic Services Director, Monetate
Joe Weller, Marketing Director, RealNetworks
Shanon Woodruff: 11:39:47 am
Bryan Eisenberg to start:

How to get through the frustration of testing and developing your landing page.

Joe Weller us up next:


A out RealNetwords
Steps we've taken

Two Confessions of a former AdWords junkie:

- The biggest opportunity in paid search is optimizing is what happens after the click
- Landing page optimization can bring continual improvements to conversion.

Now he is discussing what RealNetworks is and it's history.

Shanon Woodruff: 11:43:10 am
About RealNetworks:

-Shared technical Team
-Competition for resources
-Previously had a "gut" fell nature of marketing
-Now, more data drive and this approach to testing is part of that

Now he has a chart showing how landing page optimization has helped increase their conversion rate - 490% in CR since Q3 2009

Shanon Woodruff: 11:55:19 am
He is now going over examples that are badly optimized landing pages - lots of movement; not enough picture; lack of credibility. But every page is different, so testing is going to be the best option.

This is a very visual presentation, with very little information that can be described with out seeing the 20-30 images that are being used.

However, the main focus of this presentation is TESTING.
Shanon Woodruff: 11:59:19 am
Up next will be: Nathan Richter, Strategic Services Director, Monetate
Shanon Woodruff: 12:01:31 pm
Summary of Joe Weller's presentation:

Focus on the post-click
LPO brings continual improvements to CR
Look at segments, not just aggregate
Get an outside perspective
Shanon Woodruff: 12:03:50 pm
Now for Nathan Richter, Strategic Services Director, Monetate

Who is testing now? 61% do less than 5 tests per month

Mindset of a hunter!

It takes diligence, dedication, and effort to succeed in digital marketing.
Shanon Woodruff: 12:04:25 pm
the prep
Opportunity lucks in every segment , or every metric.

Start with high volume or high value segements

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Shanon Woodruff: 12:05:38 pm
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Alright, I am back. Hopefully that helped.
Shanon Woodruff: 12:11:00 pm
Message Consistency:

Average conversion improvement range 5-20%

Always do a test of more copy, more text, or more video. The Goal is to help the customer differentiate between what are the best products for them.


Conversion impact as high as 55%

Use all of the real estate wisely - with extra real estate use phone numbers, GEO location, and further information.

Shanon Woodruff: 12:13:51 pm
Piggybacking on Mr. Weller's presentation, Mr. Richter iterates the use of testing to create the best landing page possible.
Shanon Woodruff: 12:28:05 pm

Q: Have you used any specific products for testing?

A: They use their own personal tools and "Test and Target" from Adobe. Also, "User Testing." A tool that will let you watch the user and listen to them. Weller is trying to reach out of the qualitative. Never presume to know how people search.

Q: Different traffic segments could respond in different ways?

A: Using "Test and Target" we are trying to figure out how to do this. When you identify a winner you sometimes have to do a winners campaign. Identify the target and test.

Q: Can you throw out some eCommerce sites that are good at landing pages

A: Amazon is the poster child of landing pages.

Q: If you have lots of products, can you use dynamic landing pages.

A: Yes, just make sure it has all of the elements you need

Q: What is a good time frame for testing

A: Tool: Google Duration Calculator. It will all be dependent on your site and the many variables. Two things, behavioral and volume.

Q: Were you using "Test and Target" and Site Turners"

A: Yes

Shanon Woodruff: 12:28:20 pm
The End - Landing Page Optimization : SES San Fran 2011 Live Coverage

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