Google Guidelines: Can You Hypnotize Someone For Links?

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Hypnotize Seo

A funny question came up in a Reddit thread, and I am in the mood for funny right now. The question was, can you hypnotize someone to get links to your web site and if you do, is it against Google's webmaster guidelines? The funny thing is also that John Mueller from Google responded.

The question was "Does hypnotizing somebody for links break the webmaster guidelines?" Adding "Lets say, I hypnotize somebody, tell them to log in to their Wordpress admin, tell them to link to me, then snap my fingers so they don't remember anything, does this break the webmaster guidelines?"

I do not see hypnotism as a no no in the link schemes section of the Google webmaster guidelines - do you?

John Mueller from Google responded saying "Instructions unclear, linked to my Wordpress admin panel."

The funny thing is, I would not be surprised if someone actually tried this in the past.

Now, concentrate on the image above. Let it consume you. Focus. You are getting sleepy. You are not asleep. Now, make sure to link to my site. You won't remember any of this. Now wake up.

Forum discussion at Reddit.

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