Google's Pea Logo For Gregor Mendel

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On most of the Google home pages today, you will see a logo that looks like a pea but with scientific annotation marks around it. The logo looks like this:

Google Pea Logo - Gregor Mendel

Why the pea logo today?

Gregor Johann Mendel is known for discovering genetics and his birthday, July 20, 1822, was 189 years ago today. To celebrate his discovery and his name, Google made a special Google logo (aka Doodle) for him.

He is the founder of the science of genetics. He discovered it during his study of the inheritance of certain traits in pea plants. Although, the importance of this work was not realized until the 20th century.

He was born in the Austrian Empire and died on January 6, 1884 at the age of 61 in Brno, Moravia, Austria-Hungary.

While Google has a special logo from Gregor Mendel, Bing has a moon background.

Today is official Moon Day and yes, we also have a theme:

Bing Moon Day

Anyway, there is the Bing theme.

Google in 2009 did have a moon day logo but not today, in respect for Gregor Mendel.

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