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Google Universal AnalyticsGoogle has announced they've opened up the beta for Google Universal Analytics to all Google Analytics publishers.

What is Universal Analytics? It is what it means. One analytics application to bridge your desktop users, mobile users, mobile apps vs mobile sites, and all other devices into one. This way you can measure the true ROI of your campaigns through the purchase buying life cycle.

Google said here are the benefits:

  • Understanding how customers interact with your businesses across many devices and touch-points,
  • Insights into the performance of your mobile apps,
  • Improvements of lead generation and ROI by incorporating offline and online interactions so you can understand which channels drive the best results,
  • Improved latency on your site by reducing client-side demands.

To use this, you need to install the new analytics.js code snippet. You also need to use the appropriate SDKs for the mobile apps. There are more details on the Google Analytics Blog.

One person jokes in the WebmasterWorld forums, "cool so if I get some clicks from Mars will that now be covered?" Don't joke, who knows, maybe one day.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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