Googlers Wary About The Internship Google Movie

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The Internship Google Movie

So you know there is this movie debuting June 7th named The Internship, we covered it earlier but now the trailer is out and we have some reaction from Googlers about this movie.

All in all, Googlers are excited to see how the movie portrays Google culture but from the trailer, they seem to think the facts are way off. Here is the trailer:

Brad Fitzpatrick, a Googler, said on Google+:

As a Google employee I'm not sure whether this is going to be awesome and/or awesomely inaccurate.

A Google like response, don't you think?

Let me quote some Googler responses from that post:

Yeah, I'll probably see it, and yeah, it'll probably make me cringe in parts. But, yeah, the whole no-drinking-with-the-boss thing sets the wrong tone on accuracy ;-).

As a former Google intern, I found just the trailer itself to be totally amusing. I can't imagine how much fun the whole movie will be! But seriously has anyone at Google ever had a boss who they didn't drink with?

I had hoped the movie would at least ok, but the trailer looks truly awful. Oh well.

This looks horrible in every way possible, but I expect no less from these two. I was just glad when they stopped filming this crap on campus.

Well, other than the beer thing (and the green/red paddles, I think, but I don't know what orientation looks like for interns), I have to say it seems fairly accurate...

Some serious comments from Googlers, I wonder what Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson think about that?

For more details on the movie, check out the official web site and their Google+ page.

Forum discussion at Google+.

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