The Google Tease

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Google TeaseMost SEOs and webmasters have experienced this on one of the sites they've worked on. Many call it the Google traffic tease, where you are doing okay and then Google sends you a ton of traffic for 3 or so days, then you go back to your normal traffic levels.

A WebmasterWorld thread has many webmasters talking about their Google tease experiences. One even posted a chart of the traffic increases and decreases over time, showing an almost double increase in Google traffic that went away soon after.

Here is the picture:

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Tedster, Webmaster administrator, said:

A big but short-lived boost in traffic (real organic traffic) is also something that I see happen from time to time. Yes, it can feel like a tease. I don't know for sure, but it sometimes looks like Google is giving the site a test to see if their users respond well to it.

Have you experienced this recently?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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