Google: Stop Watching The Search Algorithm

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Google Algorithm Chasing

I am pretty serious about reporting on Google search algorithm updates despite Google not liking it or hating the automated tools that do it as well. But I think it can be helpful when diagnosing a site that was hit on a specific date.

Of course, it is not always helpful and in the long run, focusing on when Google updates their algorithms or obsessing about any algorithm update probably isn't the most productive thing you can do all day.

John Mueller from Google said on Twitter today "act naturally, like you don't notice the algorithm watching." Yes, John wants you to pretend that you are not watching the algorithms and just focus on the continued effort on making your site, content, etc better every day.

Here are the tweets:

This is nothing new. Google would be so incredibly happy if SEOs in general stopped trying to pick apart every algorithm update or every algorithm in general. Google just wants you to keep making better sites for your users and let them focus on making algorithms and improving algorithms to surface the best content for the query.

So Google wants to do their job of returning the best results and Google wants you to do your job of making the best content in your niche.

Don't worry, I won't stop reporting on algorithm updates. That is what makes this site so great and serves that niche of users that care about it.

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