Will Google Blackout Site For SOPA Wednesday?

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Google Black SOPAA Google Webmaster Help thread has about 60 posts from searchers and webmasters asking Google to join the SOPA protest by blacking out the Google search home page.

One searcher said:

Please, Google, blackout your site in conjunction with other interested parties (paypal, amazon, etc) to demonstrate the potential consequences of SOPA to the general public. You already know how important defeating, or at least getting time for discussion and revision to, SOPA is.

By blacking out your site, you will make many people angry. I, and many people like me, will help by explaining to anyone and everyone what is going on. Then we can help the general public understand what is at stake.

SOPA is draconian and backwards, if not entirely corrupt. SOPA is a treatment worse than the disease. SOPA sells out our civil liberties to protect so called intellectual property but cannot indeed protect that property. SOPA is a step too far in a misguided direction. SOPA has not been given the time it deserves to be discussed and created on behalf of the people. SOPA is being swept past us by moneyed interests in hopes that we won't notice.

Holding a blackout in conjunction with other internet services that have become integral to the daily way of life will have an exponentially more profound effect.

Do it. I'll back you up.

It is a calculated risk. How much money can Google lose by doing this on a single day vs how much Google can lose if SOPA is implemented?

What I expect Google to do is darken their logo and place a link under the logo for users to learn more about the downsides of SOPA. I do not expect them to do a complete blackout of their site like others.

But should they?

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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