Google Search Tests More Pagination Options: More Results, Infinite Scroll & More

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Google Pagination

Google is back to testing numerous ways of paginations on the desktop search results page. We covered some of these before but the testing is getting heavier now, or at least it appears to be. The tests include showing the more results button on desktop, like it does on mobile. Also showing page two, three, four, etc results as you scroll.

More Results on Desktop

In April, Google launched the more results button on mobile search results. Google then maybe began testing (or maybe it was a bug) showing the more results button on desktop. Over the past week or so, numerous people starting see the more results button on desktop again and in some of my tests, I was able to replicate it.

Here is what it looks like:

More Results Desktop

This is what you should see, the normal pagination:

Normal Google Pagination

Here are more screen shots:

Infinite Scroll

Like I covered a few days ago, Google is testing infinite scroll results that have these Googley divider bars. I am seeing numerous variations of this. Here are some screen shots:

Bigger Fonts

Yes, Google is also testing bigger fonts like I reported yesterday.

Here is the normal size font (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Here is the larger font (click to enlarge):

click for full size

Snippet Placement

And more tests with Google testing placing the URL above the title and snippet, also with a favicon on desktop.

So yea, lots of tests or bugs going on right now - however you want to call them.

Forum discussion at the tweets above.

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