Google's New Head Of Search Quality Is Me

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barry schwartz april foolsThis is not easy for me to announce, being that I've been covering Google and search quality here for well over ten years. It is both sad as well as exciting for me to tell you the news --- I am going to be taking over the role of Google's head of search quality today.

Matt Cutts, Google's former head of search spam and quality went on vacation in July 2014 and has yet to return. Today he announced he designed an automated SEO platform named AutoSEO. Clearly Matt is done with search quality and spam - he is moving on from Google.

Why am I taking on this role? A few reasons:

(1) I am a huge Google fan boy. Google, in my eyes, can never ever do anything wrong. So who is better to champion Google than their biggest fan boy?

(2) I often know more about Google's algorithms and updates before they do. So why not hire someone who can talk about the algorithm launches when no one else at Google has any idea what is launching and when it launched.

(3) I've been following how Googlers answer webmaster questions for well over a decade. In fact, I can likely answer the questions as good or better than any Googler out there. I know the answers before they say it and I know what tone and expressions they will use when they answer it. I am very good at acting like a good diplomate and can easily talk about building a quality web site for users.

(4) Since I am already being blamed for the Google algorithmic updates, why not really be in a position to make those decisions. Why should I be threatened, abused, heck even sent death threats, after Google launches algorithms when I didn't work at Google. Now that I work at Google and I am the main decision maker on which quality/spam algorithms launch, now you can rightfully blame me and threaten me and my family.

For all those reasons and more, I am terribly excited to announce I am the new search spam head at Google.

I start effective immediately, on April 1st, also known as April Fools day.

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