Google: Getting Tired Of Pushing For More Data In The Search Console

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Back in 2013, we thought we'd get a years worth of data in the Google Search Console. But that never came and now we hear Google is tired of hearing of it.

Google's John Mueller said in a hangout on Friday on Google+ that the engineers are kind of tired of hearing about it.

When he was asked about the status of extending the data in the Google Search Console to show more than just 3-months of data, he said "I think they are getting tired of us pushing for this." Meaning, John wants it but it seems he is at a deadlock. Why?

Well, it is not like they are not adding new functionality and features to the Search Console. They are, constantly. It is just about extending the data.

John said at the 55:45 minute mark in regards to extending the data:

We discuss that all the time... I don’t know... I think they are getting tired of us pushing for this. But... we do look at it with the team to see what we can do with it over there. To some extent it, it is kind of balancing different priorities. On the one hand, we’d like to offer new features as well. On the other hand, people like to have the old features expanded a bit. A bit more storage. Adding more storage there isn’t that trivial, in the sense that we can’t just say, oh well, we will just double the amount of storage. We really need to kind of then rethink how the Search Console uses this data. Make sure that it is still snappy to use. That it doesn’t get bogged down into something very slow.

Here is the video:

So that is the reason Google has not added it yet. (1) They are working on new features and (2) adding more data will slow down the current reports. Finally, the API is in the works, which will make archiving this data easier.

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