Google Search Console User Permissions Bug & Some Performance Report Delays

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Google has confirmed a bug with some users not seeing the users and permissions in Google Search Console. There are also complaints about the performance reports being a bit delayed, which has been ongoing for some time.

Performance Report Delay

The truth is, it seems for the past couple of weeks, Google Search Console performance report is not as up-to-date as it use to be. The pipeline must be a bit backlogged and delayed. It is ongoing and John Mueller of Google is aware of it. Here are some of the complaints from yesterday:

I am currently showing 11 hours ago now - so almost there but this has been ongoing for some time now. I just think we are a bit slow. The data will come in and we will be able to see the impact of the November 2021 core update hopefully early next week.

But now I am only seeing data from Tuesday, and it is almost 30 hours delays. It is just a bit backlogged.

User Permissions Bug

Caio Barros from Google posted in the Google Search Console Forums about a bug with user permissions. He said "there is currently a problem in Search Console's UI where Full Users see their status as a Delegated Owners at Settings > Ownership Verification. If when you go to Ownership verification you see your status as Delegated Owner but you cannot see the Users and Permissions option your user is probably a Full User and not a Delegated Owner."

If you need to manage users you need to change your (real) user status to "Owner". In that case you have two options, (1) Request to a Verified Owner to add you as a Delegated Owner at (2) Verify the property yourself using the Domain name provider method.

Google engineers are looking into the user interface issue to solve it as soon as possible, Caio said.

Forum discussion at Google Search Console Forums.

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