Google: Our Newer Search Algorithms Have Been Promoting Original Reporting In Search

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Google Original Reporting

Yesterday Google announced an algorithmic update it made to the search results a few months ago have been doing a better job at promoting original reporting. Not only promoting it in terms of ranking but keeping that original reporting up in the top spot of the search results for longer.

This began rolling out a few months ago and Google told me it was and still is something they tweak all the time. It is not perfect, so they keep trying to make it better all the time. This is also a global rollout, so not just in the US. Danny Sullivan said it is unrelated to the core updates and he doesn't have a specific date to tell us when this rolled out.

Also, this has rolled out in search but not yet in Google News or Google Discover, that is coming soon, I am told.

I covered this update in a lot of detail at Search Engine Land but that is the gist of it above. It is hard to say if any of my unconfirmed Google algorithm update posts covered this or not. News stuff is harder to track than evergreen web page changes.

Here is Danny's tweet on this:

Here is Richard Gingras, VP of Google News, who made this announcement:

I explained in my SEL post why Google waited to tell us about this a few months after it launched. It was two fold (1) Google is now happy with the results but says it can always get better and (2) the search quality raters guidelines update had specific things in it to help the third-party raters now judge how good of a job Google is doing here.

Of course, as I expected, some felt this means humans are manually adjusting the search results. They are not! Google just added into the raters guidelines how these raters can tell Google how well of a job the algorithms are doing.

So this is an algorithmic thing, not a human thing...

I also asked Google if this helps smaller publishers who break stuff before bigger publishers but don't get credit. Google said they hope so but didn't really confirm that with me. Here is how Danny answered it later on Twitter:

Have any publishers here noticed these changes? I am a publisher and I can say, I don't think I noticed this.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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