Google Again Says Schema Does Not Make Your Site Rank Better

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Google once again said that adding schema or structured data markup to your pages will not result in those pages ranking better in Google Search. Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, said this on X, "using schema doesn't give you a ranking boost," adding, "Schema doesn't make you rank better." He even said that "Schema has nothing to do with rankings."

So if someone tells you that you can expect your page's ranking to go up in Google Search after you add some schema markup or structured data, that is false. We covered this topic a few times, including structured data is not a ranking factor and said even if you get penalized for structured data misuse, it won't result in a ranking drop but rather the removal of rich results in search. Google did add that it can help them identify product review content.

Here is the full quote of what Danny Sullivan said on this matter on X:

But also to clear up something, using schema doesn't give you a ranking boost. It can help you be eligible for certain displays or enhancements, but it doesn't somehow boost you to the top of results or to the front of a carousel because you have it.

Schema doesn't make you rank better.

Schema has nothing to do with rankings, so if something is violating our schema guidelines, that has no impact on ranking because ... schema wasn't involved in the ranking in the first place. We look at other factors to determine rankings. But it may cause a site to no longer be eligible to have schema enhancements.

Here are those embeds:

Forum discussion at X.

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