Google Insights Into Google's Reconsideration Requests

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Google WebmasterLast month we covered a question asking if Google reconsideration requests had auto-replies or not.

About 15 days later, Googler Pierre Far came in to reply to the WebmasterWorld thread.

Pierre gave some additional insights on how exactly reconsideration requests are reviewed by Googlers. He did admit they don't look at every reconsideration request, but they do look at all UNIQUE reconsideration request. In short, if someone submits several requests, Google will only look at the latest.

Pierre goes on to explain some more insights into the nature of these reconsideration requests:

  • 1. Before you submit the request make sure that you read our guidelines and that the site is in compliance to the best of your knowledge.
  • We've seen some webmasters misdiagnose the problem and think a manual spam action is affecting their site when reality it's something else, like a crawling issue. Be sure to look through Webmaster Tools for such problems, and ask for help from other webmasters if you're not sure.
  • A reconsideration request does not apply to malware. In those cases follow our clean up tips and submit a malware review through Webmaster Tools.
  • When you are writing the reconsideration request, be as detailed and as clear as possible - help us help you. Give a timeline as accurately as possible when you're describing actions or changes that may be relevant. If you did find and fix a violation, explain what you did. We do appreciate that some fixes simply cannot be completed 100% (e.g. cleaning up spammy back links), and in those cases explain the effort you took to fix the problem as much as possible.
  • If you have get new relevant information after you submit the request, it's OK to follow up.

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