Does Google Local Q&A Needs Moderation

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Google Questions Answers

Last week, Google pushed the local Q&A to all mobile browsers and it is getting some serious use. But in some cases, how people are using it is probably not the way Google expected.

If you search for [white house] on your mobile phone and look at the local question and answer box and read these questions and answers, you won't be surprised by you will be upset. It looks like the comments on YouTube (worse than the comments here).

Here is one of many examples:

White House Google Qa

There is no real good way for a business owner or organization to moderate these comments. You can of course post your own questions and answers, which is what Google recommended. But you cannot stop people from posting irrelevant, insulting or hateful responses. And there is no way to clean them up right now.

I am sure Google is working on a solution or maybe a way to turn off the Q&A feature but at this point, I am not sure.

Sergey Alakov and others are posting other examples on Twitter.

Have you found anything funny or out there?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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