Google Penguin 4.0 Rollback & Reversals? Some Think So.

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Google Penguin

As you know, Google finally pushed out Penguin 4.0 in late September and the recoveries and declines were fully rolled out in the first two weeks of October.

But now, some SEOs and webmasters in the ongoing WebmasterWorld thread are saying that they are seeing a complete reversal and any recovery they saw is now gone as of the past day or so.

Here are some quotes:

We're now seeing the old results from the pre penguin... looks like we're a couple of weeks behind you guys.

my results are very much pre P4. All the results that rose have dropped back to where they were and all the drops have risen back too.

I saw some suggestions of this on Twitter too.

But my gut tells me that these folks did not originally see Penguin recoveries but rather something else and now what they are seeing is unrelated to Penguin. Of course, this is all too soon to tell but I doubt Google reversed Penguin 4, after they spent all this time preparing for it and launching it over almost two years.

I asked Glenn Gabe and he said he has not seen anything yet in terms of reversals:

I'll keep you posted if I hear and see more but do you see Penguin 4.0 reversals yet?

Here is some feedback I am getting:

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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