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PandaWe have covered several Panda recovery stories here but a WebmasterWorld thread links to (which is not often) a story on Search Engine Journal named The Holy Grail of Panda Recovery – A 1-Year Case Study.

This may be one of the most detailed stories of a Panda recovery I've read.

Martin from WebmasterWorld summarized the efforts in a handful of bullet points, for those who don't have time to read it (but do read it):

  • His efforts for recovery are mainly going through "Deep Content"
  • Don't mix different Content, try to make "Content Sections"
  • Do not crosslink this sections
  • Unfortunately, he didn't say anything about coding, nofollow, noindex...
  • If you face duplicate content, make refine sections with refine content

Some more excerpts from Tedster's take on this article:

A major focus of all these changes was tightening up the number of links (300 per page was outrageous!) and thereby helping Google understand the sites themes much better. All that improves organic traffic. That explains a lot of the above questions about reasons for various actions. Note that the whole of this report was NOT second-guessing Panda itself, but rather aligning the site to best practices, period.

The data you see above is from 2010. THAT major drop was from Google's MayDay update. As you can see, daily organic visits plummeted as a result of the MayDay update. That's something I see in about 40% of the Panda audits I've done.

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

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